Multi Mailz FAQs

What is a viral mailer?

Viral Mailers are online services
where members can e-mail each other.
 You can send an e-mail promoting your
web site in return for viewing the e-mails
 sent by the other members.


How Do I Receive Credits?

Look for e-mails from other members.
At the bottom of each e-mail, there should be
a link you can click to view their site and earn credit.
For each credit you earn, you will be able to mail
another member of Multi Mailz.

How Do I Receive Commissions?

Presently, we can pay commissions by
either Bitcoin or Solid Trust Pay. Please try
to add both to your profile to ensure a speedy payment.
Minimum withdrawal is $10.00 for all members.
Commissions can also be used to make onsite
purchases, a button will appear when
you have enough in your account.

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